1. Membership Committee-Michael Koons, Chair, Bob G., Roy B., Laird S.

 2. Club Operations Committee-Bob Green, Chair

     2a. Club Programs-Ken Moore, Leader., Bob G.    

     2b. Newsletter-Tracie C., Leader.          

     2c. Inter club - Cliff Heitz, Leader

     2d. Greeter-Tracie C., Leader., Ken M., Lisa E., Sonja V.            

     2d. Social Activities-Carrie Achilles, Leader., Lisa, Kim, Pam, Lori, Jean

     2e.Admin. Fund Raisers-Jean Shields, Leader., Carrie, Sonja, Lisa

     2f. Engage new members- Sonja, Leader, Tracie 

3.  Sponsored Clubs and Groups Committee-Kim Hemmer, Chairman

     3a. Aktion Club-Bob A., Advisor, Pam, Dave, Bob T.

     3b. Key Club-Lori, Advisor, Bob T.

     3c. Builder's Club-Bob T., Advisor, Pam, Dave

     3d. Cub Scouts-Gil, Advisor

     3e. Girl Scouts-Carrie, Advisor

4.  Projects and Random Acts Committee-Pam, Chair, Kim, Carrie, Jean, Lori

5.  Scholarships and Awards Committee-Jeff Rupp, Chair, Lori, Shari, Bob T.,


6.  BBQ Committee-Bob Achilles, Chair, Don B., Cliff, Jeff, Bob T., 

7.  Public Relations Committee-Lori Heitz, Chair

     7a. Publicity-Lori

     7b. Photos -Lori, Bob T.    

     7c. Website-Bob G.                      

     7d. Facebook-Pat Thomas

8.  Finance Committee-Dave, Chair, Carrie, Bob G., Lori, Kim, Michael 

9.  See’s Candy Sales Committee-Gil, Chair, Carrie, Bob A., Lori, Bob T., Dave 

10. Financial Review Committee-Ken T., Chair, Ted N., Leader

11. Non-dues revenue Committee-Sonja, Chair, Bob G., Bob T.