Are you interested in joining Kiwanis, an international organization of member-volunteers who annually give more than 12 million hours and more than US$107 million to help change the world for the better? Our members’ hands and hearts help those who cannot always help themselves.



You will: Have a direct impact on the quality of life in the Auburn community and the world.

The Kiwanis Club of Auburn is committed to our community. Our primary focus is on children – primarily through  organizations such as our school clubs and the Boys and Girls Scouts. We contributesover $40,000 per year to Auburn Area  charitable endeavors.


You will:  Make business and professional contacts

 Weekly meetings and other contacts with fellow Kiwanians are excellent opportunities to develop business and professional relationships.


You will: Be in the know

Learn first-hand about local, national and international issues through coverage of multiple topical issues – politics, business, civic, health, sports, technology and more.


You will: Use and improve leadership skills


The club has numerous committees that administer the club and its programs. Every committee represents opportunities for rewarding involvement and leadership.


You will: Develop lifelong friendships

The making of warm friendships that last a lifetime is the best benefit of all.



What Does the Kiwanis Club of Auburn Ask of its Members?


Members are asked to Attend, Participate and Support.

Dinners at the Sizzler are $21.

Annual Dues are:  $165

New Member dues are :$100



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